DM Squat is a full-administration computerized promoting office that has practical experience in grasping, making and directing advanced missions across the web, versatile and online media stages with a conviction that inventiveness and creative reasoning are mixed with imaginative working approach. As one of the top computerized promoting organizations in India, we engage brands and help them fabricate their advanced presence: a vast expanse of intelligent and vivid encounters which familiari

Our Team

Our energy comes from our kin. We esteem variety and accept that various foundations, thoughts, and viewpoints are what make us a more grounded and more fit group of marketers. All of our representatives add to our comprehensive culture of making promoting that is important.

We mix our qualities together, joining our business experience and innovative personalities to carry the best plans to the table and drive results for our clients.

Founder of DM squat helping businesses grow digitally. Content writer & creator

Usha Chormare

founder, CEO, DM Squat

Social Media Marketer focused on increasing brand awareness on various online platforms.

Ankit Dahima

Digital Marketer, DM Squat

A website designer who puts creativity one step ahead of the normal.

Khaza Parvez

Digital Marketer, DM Squat

Co-founder of DM Squat focused on the market requirements and business development.

Pooja Pandey

Co-founder, DM Squat

Provide backend support with his new ideas and always focused on organization's growth.

Pankaj Sai Gupta

Digital Marketer, DM Squat

our goal

We like to think we're an eternal scrappy startup. We know how many nights we've spent right from brainstroming ourselves to generate new ideas and executing them or fighting with a tiny detail that probably no one is going to notice. We've been there, we know the struggle.

As technology becomes core to every company, our job is to make digital experiences that create human connections. Websites and products that spark joy and bring value to both people and businesses.

our approach

Our Digital marketing professionals strive hard day in and day out just to ensure our customers get the best of our services. We believe hard work pays off when worked in a right way.

We don’t just build great products, we put in place a digital platform and create a visual narrative that will convey your company’s value to users.

DM Squat never gets off back their customers, We are keen in executing the right results.

how we take care of your business

DM Squat professional knows the hazel involved in growing the business. So if you are new in the market and looking forward to come online and grow your business, market your products digitally, DM Squat is capable of easing your effort by building the things write from scratch and stand in the market equally with other competitors.