Increase in the surcharge for Google ads

Increase in the surcharge for Google ads

Surcharges will be applied from October 1, 2021, to India and Italy.

Google will start applying the surcharge to Google ads advertisers beginning from October 1, 2021. Google will include “Regulatory Operating Cost” of a 2% surcharge to advertiser’s invoices for ads served in Italy and India. This information was shared according to an email sent to the Google advertisers on Tuesday.

These surcharges are applied to ads purchased through Google Ads and YouTube placements purchased on a reservation basis.

With this information, the advertisers should be aware that these fees are charged in addition to their account budgets. Note: the surcharges will not be reflected in the cost per conversion metrics in the advertiser’s campaign reporting. Google ads advertisers should consider these factors into account when deciding the budgets.

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